What we do

Jump Start Solutions’ owner, Mary Getsey Bernier, has more than 25 years of work experience in global work programs, government agencies, higher education, consulting agencies and contracting, profit and non-profit organizations. Professional skills include business administration and management strategies, consulting, human resources management, program development, program planning and implementation, business operations evaluation, management of organization and information systems, publication, outreach, and marketing, event planning, travel and travel logistics, coordinating and conducting conferences and workshops, program data analysis, and volunteer coordination and activities.

Jump Start Solutions provides interim client support services for businesses, international education and study abroad providers, and equine businesses and riders.Support services include:  administrative and support services; recruitment; marketing, outreach, and business development; event planning; travel logistics; internship visa support services (for international education programs); desktop publishing; equestrian sport events journalist, and, social media consultation.

With additional life experience, travel, and work experience in over 13 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, and an oral and written proficiency in French, Mary Getsey Bernier is well-prepared to assist with business beyond the United States, and the complexities of business operations, abroad.

Learn more about Mary Getsey Bernier’s professional background, here.