Who we are

Mary B, at the Ross Nye Stables, London, 2012.

Mary B, at the Ross Nye Stables, London, 2012.

Horseback rider. Global Nomad. Experienced professional administrator and program manager.

I started riding at 12 years old, begging my parents for lessons at the US Marine Corps Base Stables, in Quantico, Virginia, where my father was stationed, in 1979. When we moved, the first thing I would do upon arrival was to find a horse to ride. Traveling around the world as a military dependent, and later as an adult, I rode horses in Africa, England, France, Costa Rica, Germany, and Puerto Rico, riding English, Western, or bareback! When I met my husband 20 years ago, he knew from the start that horses were inextricable from my life, and he has lovingly supported my “horse habit” as long as we’ve been together.

Living, studying, and working abroad, it is hard to think of the places outside the USA I called home without thinking of the friends I met, the horses I trained and rode, and my global work experiences. It was a natural transition for me to combine my professional skills with a life-long passion for education abroad, international business and program management, as well as the world of horses, and create Jump Start Solutions LLC (JSS).

I have more than 25 years of combined work experience in global work programs, higher education, international education and study abroad, government agencies, consulting agencies and contracting, and profit and non-profit organizations. Professional skills include business administration and management strategies, program management, human resources management, program development, program planning and implementation, publication, outreach, and marketing. business operations evaluation, management of organization and information systems, event planning, travel and travel logistics, coordinating and conducting conferences and workshops, program data analysis, and volunteer coordination and activities. I have life experience, travel, and work experience in over 13 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Oral and written proficiency in French.

In the equestrian community, riders, trainers, and equestrian facilities benefit from interim professional support from JSS, such as organizing daily business routines, managing administrative and financial systems, planning and promoting training clinics, reaching out to new clients, or creating publications. JSS works one-to-one with clients as an equine business management consultant, providing services and support tailored to each client’s goals. As a consultant, clients call upon JSS as needed, as opposed to the expense of hiring full-time staff. Services include part-time barn office management; program promotions and outreach; planning and marketing for lessons or clinics, and more. I was also a guest blogger for Horse Junkies United and Eventing Nation, and continue to blog through my own Jump Start Solutions blog, and Facebook page.

I enjoy working with people from all around the world, and within a wide range of industry fields. It is terrific to be part of a horse community that understands my dedication to horses. I look forward to meeting you, and helping you find your stride, as you reach your business goals!

Very best,

Mary Getsey Bernier

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